The U.S. Department of Education calls for new focus on International Education and this is the way to get there

"INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION IS VITAL. It promotes mutual understanding among people from different nations. It provides opportunities for Americans from all walks of life to better understand the world and to be prepared to effectively engage with our neighbors. And it helps build lasting relationships among peers and future leaders across the globe."

~The U.S. Department of Education

The global costs of miseducation have proved to be wasteful and inequitable. Yet we're still here, dreaming up new solutions to immerse every child in practical experiences and genuinely representative of inclusivity. What may have seemed like lofty goals and objectives in the past are now mandated and required. As a collective educational community, we have shifted into an era where one-off and half-responsive engagement for our children is unacceptable. We know that being radical is necessary at times. Parents, social justice activists, and deeply invested community leaders have demanded a more equitable playing field in education. The past few years have delivered new opportunities to create such right to our inboxes.

The Department of Education released an updated International Education Strategy Report this month. It contains areas that need strengthening and how focus will be divvied up. Those four critical areas of focus are:

  • A diverse U.S. society
  • Global Challenges and Opportunities
  • Economic competitiveness and jobs
  • National security and diplomacy

Aside from supporting evidence that the need is real and continuously growing, the report explains the recovery efforts of a global pandemic and the effects of previous initiatives that couldn't quite get it right. It's essentially an improved model of human design thinking that builds on the pillars that collectively have worked with fine-tuning. Leaving us with the reality we've always known: we all have to work to ensure that carefully crafted international education is accessible for every child globally.

Imagiread has always known that international education is needed in today's classroom. From day one, we've advocated for intercultural communications throughout our grassroots initiatives and programming. It's not enough for a "brand" to tout psychologically aligned colors and sparkly words, lending a view that yields tolerance and fake acceptance; we are officially in an age where we must put our money where our mouths are and invest in the end game for every child. It's why we have been on the edge of our seats waiting for the release of The NEW Flitlits Reading Scheme.

The new Flitlits Reading Scheme is a comprehensive program designed for learners ages 7-11, the targeted age for literacy development immersion and acquisition. The scheme features beloved characters from the original series with a twist; they are all in their merry way who they are designed to be. No labels and identification required; each character has been carefully crafted by award-winning creators Eiry Rees Thomas and James Fields to offer a double-take on how we define humanity, capability and engagement. Laced with practicality, humor and emotional intelligence, the series is a FIVE-STAR production that every educator, parents included, needs to center. Not only does the series encapsulate all of the essence needed for quality international educational engagement, but it does it such a way that supports those who will introduce it, ensuring they are confident in their investment.

We talked with Eiry years ago about her journey with The Flilits and how her background in health and education prompted her to birth The Flitlits. During the interview, we learned about the original Flitlits version, a bold and dynamic app having been available on the AppStore for years and learned that a new version was coming. We can't say enough that it is EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Check out the introduction video here.

This holiday break, we invite our Imagireading Family to preview the first two books in the series. Book one guides educators, offering thorough considerations for introducing and maximizing the scheme. Adventure Book 1 is a blast at The Funny Fair, with guaranteed knee slaps and an all-around adventurous time at the fair.

Download The Educator’s Guide here:

Download Adventure Book 1, The Funny Fair here:

Both titles will be FREE via Amazon on November 23-24, 2023, so get them while you can and reconfigure your international education strategy. 

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