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Imagiread has been a trusted provider of culturally reverent literacy development instruction for more than nine years. Our authentic learning programs encourage navigation, comprehension, and acquisition using a unique framework that fuses Mindful Learning and S.T.R.E.A.M-based principles with core Social-Emotional Learning competencies for a robust learning experience. 

Serving a spectrum of differently-abled children, we primarily guide ages 4-12 while supporting educators, parents, and community organizers with the resources, tools, and training to implement our techniques at-home and in the classroom. 


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What’s better than having your nose buried in a book? Having your nose buried in blog posts that feature incredible books! We’re cranking up our

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As #afrofuturistic voyagers in search of a place to call home, young artists are encouraged to submit works that dictate and illustrate what it will mean to leave this world behind and go boldly towards a new one. Imagiread and BSAM Houston are proud to present WE ARE NOT ALONE, a multi-media expedition that will feature the 2D and 3D works of young artists ages 8-22 during BSAM Houston’s Afrofuturistic Affair & Exhibit taking place in Houston February 2021. The Call opens August 1, 2020 and closes October 15, 2020. Works can include Literary Art, Visual Art, Graphic Design, Short Film, and Original Music. Sign up for Call updates below. 

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we align

whole child

Our programs center the whole child, supporting them with the integrative practices they need for success. Starting at the beginning, our models focus what learning is and how to do it. 

whole school

Because we know that learning happens everywhere, our resources connect 21st Century Literacy Learners to proven methods that encourage learning both in-school and out-of-school. 

whole community

We know the value of an active and healthy community which is why we support parents, educators, administrators, and community organizers with a variety of free resources and in-depth training programs. 

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