Happy Imagireading Holiday!

@Imagiread, we're on a mission to raise the literacy development standard for 1 million school-aged children. With our new online iReadE Academy, we are leveling learners UP with their TRU iQ and X-S.T.R.E.A.M. Literacy Development , preparing them for #thefutureofeducation and #thefutureofwork.

It's been a fantastic year, full of Imagireading Adventures and it's all because of YOU! What better way to show our appreciation than with gifts?

This year, we're hosting 12 days to Imagireading Holiday, featuring our beloved classic tales: 

Christmas for The Makers 


Kwanzaa for The Makers

Starting December 12, 2023, we will feature 12 days of our classic story highlights via our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube social media channels.

When you comment with a response under each post, you'll be entered to win one of the following:

  1. A $25 gift card to spend on hot cocoa or new books
  2. A FREE TRU iQ assessment for a child you love
  3. An iReadE Swag Kit

You get double entries if you tag a friend, educator, or bookstore owner. It's just that simple.

Happy Imagireading Holidays!

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