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Discover a new age of learning at Imagiread, where we believe in the transformative power of literacy development. With two locations and one pop-up location nationwide, our mission is to provide personalized instruction that caters to your children's unique needs, fostering a love for reading while promoting ...

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Imagiread was born out of our love for children's literature and a passion for family learning. It all began in 2010 when our owner, Ms. Tiffany, self-published her first book, "It's Water Time, Ma," which quickly became a favorite among school-aged children, parents, and educators for its focus on proper ...

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Imagiread has achieved incredible milestones in our mission to empower children through literacy development. We are proud to share these notable accomplishments:

Over the years, our original programming has made a positive impact on the lives of 6,000 learners and their families. Through in-classroom ...

The Imagiread Difference

We never want cost to be a barrier for families. We’ve created dozens of resources and free online programs to support learners and their families. Learn more via our YouTube channel.

We call it The Imagiread Difference and it truly begins with acknowledging the skills, learning style and neurodiversity of each learner. It’s how we foster a true sense of inclusion and ongoing support.

Developmental Literacy for ages 5-8 and Literacy Transitions for ages 9-12. All programs are backed by our commitment to inspire learners to formulate and maintain text connections early on, while supporting the development of personal learning strategies.

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