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I typically ask each child I meet the same initial question, "What does real mean to you?". As a human, I'm seeking an immediate connection. As an educator, I'm probing to assess if they can convey the answer in a way that is authentically theirs. Over the years, I've probably asked that question a trillion times. Each answer is typically unique, and all of them have kept me wondering how I can continuously improve Imagiread's programming. ~Ms. Tiffany 

As Imagiread's owner, I'm constantly asking questions. Questions about our community and how access is a critical piece of engagement. As an educator who has designed and facilitated programming for all ages, I am well aware that access and capability are two of the factors that contribute to a successful program. While there are other variables at play, access hails as the most important. If there's a need and resources are out of reach, they are nonexistent. For many families, accepting subpar standards have become the norm. When we look at the picture socioeconomically, those norms become lifestyle and such lifestyles are associative with illiteracy. 

The IOT ages has ushered greater challenges. Beyond the growing need for authentic media literacy training, a gargantuan digital divide lurks behind the scenes. While there's an improved access to developmentally appropriate programming online, there's also the pressing need for continuity amongst true community. How can these challenges be upheld in an ever-changing virtual world? By identifying with groups in need, choosing resources that sustain, and creating pathways for access that are turnkey, eliminating the need for hardware. 

"Students spent more time reading after educators added diverse books to their classroom libraries."~First Book

First Book, an online marketplace that makes books available to children in need-most especially in the classroom have recently begun championing diversity. A long-time partner of Imagiread, the organization developed a research study to assess the need for diverse books that enrich instruction. Note the study, its progress and findings here . It captured what we have known for decades. Access must be remedied if we are to expect learner achievement. Quality resources must be intentionally made available so that learner's are empowered to choose, ultimately shaping the landscape of high caliber age-appropriate works. And lastly, education and enrichment should always be value-centric, heralding outcomes that naturally encourage academic integrity. 

As an initiative to bridge the gap, First Book is making unlimited e-books available to families through Open eBooks. Open eBooks is a library of thousands of titles for learners in grades K-12. The platform is completely free and can be accessed via an app in via the Google Play Store and The App Store for iOS. As a partner, Imagiread is pleased to announce that we have free access codes for our community. By logging on to Open e-Books , signing up for an account and entering the special code, families can read unlimited titles together. Once titles are read, we encourage the review of titles, helping the marketplace to fulfill relative titles based on interest. 

Read this letter (available in both English and Spanish) for more details on how to create an account and access the library of titles.  

Happy Imagireading! 

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