The Case for Change

The Case for Change

When I started Imagiread over a decade ago, I never imagined I'd dive so deeply into behavioral psychology, learning development, and aptitude. My only goal was to share my love of reading with families and communities. 

Today, I've supported thousands of learners in becoming Imagireaders. This journey has highlighted the urgent need for change in education. Despite efforts, millions of children still struggle with basic literacy skills due to environmental determinism, socioeconomic injustices, and lack of support. This devastating reality threatens our children's future, and I can't stand by and watch.

Imagiread focuses on community needs, aiming to raise 1 million confident and competent Whole Child Imagireaders. We immerse them in quality X-S.T.R.E.A.M. literacy experiences, promoting curiosity, creativity, communication, and collaboration to prepare them for #thefutureofeducation and #thefutureofwork.

To genuinely support learners, our approach must be culturally responsive and address the evolving needs of today's children, helping them develop power skills. This requires a blend of physical, cognitive, and emotional intelligence rooted in value-centric education. We also support parents, caregivers, and educators in this journey. That's why we created The iReadE Academy powered by TRU iQ. 

Learn more about The iReadE Academy and TRU iQ here.