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When I started Imagiread over a decade ago, I didn’t know that one day, I would be knee-deep in the interconnected research of behavioral psychology, learning development, and aptitude. I had no idea that I would want to solve a global crisis. Illiteracy. All I knew was that I loved to read and wanted to share that gift with families and communities, inspiring them to do the same. 

Fast forward to today, where I’ve supported thousands of learners on their way to becoming Imagireaders. What I’ve learned in those years is unparalleled and has presented a strong case for change management in education. Despite my keen observations, the harsh reality remains, millions of children struggle to grasp basic literacy development skills. Witnessing children's cognitive ability decline due to environmental determinism, socioeconomic injustices, and a plain lack of proficient support has been devastating. This paralyzing truth is wreaking havoc on the present future and the prospective possibilities for our children therein. I cannot allow that to continue to happen. 

If you’re familiar with Imagiread’s story, you know that we consider the community's needs first and foremost. We aim to raise 1 million confident and competent Whole Child Imagireaders by immersing them in quality X-S.T.R.E.A.M. literacy learning experiences propelling curiosity, creativity, communication, and collaboration. It’s how we bridge the gap and prepare learners for #thefutureofeducation and #thefutureofwork. 

We know the only way to do so genuinely is to support the Whole Community. Learning engagement must be culturally responsive and speak to today’s child’s evolving needs, helping them expand their natural gifts and talents, transcreating them as power skills. Developmentally, it must require a unique blend of physical, cognitive, and emotional intelligence that surpasses idealism and harnesses practicality founded on value-centric education. Fundamentally, it must assist parents, caregivers, and educators who support learners daily on the road to accomplishment. It’s why we answered the call and developed The iReadE Academy powered by TRU iQ. Learn more about The iReadE Academy and TRU iQ here.

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