What’s Life Without Charm?

A while ago Imagiread featured A Charmed Life/Una vida con suerte by Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri, one of our favorite kidlit authors and teachers, for El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children’s Book Day). What we totally failed to announce on that post is that the read itself is being released on May 30, 2016. A Charmed Life/Una vida con suerte is a bountiful bi-ligual tale

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Social Reprise In Diverse Kidlit

Lately, I’ve been drawn to conversations between the familiar and the not so familiar. I’ve noticed the differences and have learned to appreciate the contrast, even when either “side” goes too far. Just the other day, while at the park with my youngest, I observed a White couple caring for (as in she was in their custody) a Black child. I soon after witnessed

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What Summer Reading Really Does

There’s a ton of talk about Summer Reading around this time of the year. Most of the articles are jam-packed with data outlining how much little brains regress during the beloved 90 days of no instruction. Since we’ve been hacking away at expressing the importance of Summer Reading ourselves over the years, we thought it would be good to share why we suggest making

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