Imagireading Today! featuring Words with Wings

Ahhhh April. The month that brings about the tone for Spring and all kinds of other beautiful things! April is the month to celebrate new life, new commitment, new happiness. We’ve been doing just that with our highlight of Poetry and All That Jazz taking a look at must-have reads in poetry and financial literacy. The month is winding down so I figured it

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Earth Day Water Word Scramble

World Water Day was just 30 days ago and today is Earth Day. I’m happy to say that I’m excited, as I always am, and am looking forward to hearing and seeing more dialogue about why it’s so important to preserve and what new technologies are coming about in favor of. Over the years there have been some out-of-this-world projects come to fruition, each

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Imagireading Today! featuring Here We Go: A Poetry Friday Book

I couldn’t help it, I had to feature the read that immediately took me to another place the day I received and read it. It’s definitely higher up on my must-read recommendations and you’d have to read it to know why. I offer a preview and a short, but long, supplement for this read as I do everything else but want to disclaim a

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