Book Wish Lists

At the beginning of the year, my family and I initiated a pact, the purpose of the pact was to dedicate more time to reading. We set a number, and everyone examined their expectation realistically. So far, so good. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed saying no to chores and yes to reading. We’ve also enjoyed putting together a list of the books we are looking forward

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I’m Trey Jones and I Know It! is Imagiread Approved

Just a few days ago we released the latest episode of Imagireading Today! where I featured the Trey Jones book series. In the video, I proudly profess my love for Trey and all of his wondrous self-awareness with a blunder and a blooper neatly interspersed. Trey has that effect. He and his super-tall personality is what did it for me; I immediately knew he

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