Our core values

Diversity Inclusive Learning
Every learning experience should include everyone regardless of race, ability or background.
page_1 Culturally Appropriate
Our partnerships and programs appropriately reflect the cultural values our consumers embody.
Socially Responsible Social Responsibility
We care about the environment so we’re reducing our footprint. In addition, we politically advocate for our consumers.
page_2 Culturally Authentic
Our ethical representation of cultures in programming is derived from scientific research and personal interaction data.

Our Programs

Imagireading Today! via YouTube is Imagiread's premier digital digest that features all there is to Imagiread. Highlighting monthly themes, book news and information, author and illustrator interviews, bonus literacy resources, free downloads and more.
Scholars look forward to the magic of Imagireading Today! while exploring storyline development, figurative functions and working style references as literacy instruction in the classroom. Classes are developed for both primary and supplemental instruction.
Parents, educators, and caregivers are connected to quality independent reads designed for all levels of Imagireading. The book award recognizes authors, illustrators, and publishers whose works naturally embody Imagiread's core values.
Imagireading Today! meets Imagiread Approved for a custom program that knows no limits....literally. Invited participants share in festival of literacy exercises that develop reading muscles that build bridges to a lifetime of learning. Invitations set to be released August 2017.


We're celebrating Children's Book Week soon! Join us!!

Activicare by Imagiread

Activicare is quality care and entertain literacy fun for kids on-site at social gatherings. We’re teacher developed, mom approved and super kid friendly! Think Activicare for your next social gathering or corporate event.

All Ages
Choice of Theme
All Events
Quality Care

Imagireading News

The Lee & Low Summer Reading List

Summer’s on! Here’s another Summer Reading List for your enjoyment from Lee & Low Books.

#nowimagireading: Amazing Places

Part of parenting is embracing the ever-growing opportunity to teach and enlighten. To impart wisdom that will transcend the mind’s eyes and ears for the becoming of the heart. To match said rhythm with words and sounds, beholding the memories therein as a celebration of what it means to be alive, together. It is all […]

#nowimagireading 7 Days with Daddy

We’re celebrating all that Dad does every day of the week with what we are #nowimagireading, 7 Days with Daddy!

Learn with us.