Kindle Love: How the Kindle Fire teaches Literacy

Nowadays children as young as two years old are owners of some device. Whether it be a mobile phone, a tablet or a “play” version of both in one, kids are growing up fast with technology. A few days ago a parent inboxed us and asked our opinion how viable purchasing a Kindle would be for her 9-year-old who isn’t a huge reader. I

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This Classic Read is perfect for World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day is happening tomorrow, February 16th. The day is suggested as one that people will participate in reading out loud for the sake of all of the powerful stories there are to share. Developed by LitWorld, the day has garnered global attention and is actively invested in seeing that those concerned do more to engage in literacy advocacy. The overall premise,

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Milo’s Museum is Imagiread Approved!

Last week Imagiread kicked off its YouTube premiere of Imagireading Today! with Milo’s Museum as the feature.  It was the perfect read for our Children In History theme this month that vividly celebrates Black History Month. There is a closely connected contrast in the leaders as children of yesterday and children of today that will soon be leaders. It’s a timely consideration. The world

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