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National Literacy Month is preparing to slide out from under us all in just 15 days. Since it is Imagiread wants to do something that we’ve never done before. We want to talk to those who struggle with literacy, on any level, about their struggle and get them assistance. If you know someone that is struggling with literacy, whether they be a child or

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Who is the “We” in We Need Diverse Books?

Most everyone knows that the world of children’s literature has diversified tremendously over the last decade. More and more the market has opened up to showcasing all kinds of relatable tales written about all sorts of kids. It’s been a sight to see with everyone from differently-abled protagonists to transgendered antagonists taking the lead, all living authentically. With so much having changed in the

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How to make the most of National #ReadABookDay

National #ReadABookDay is happening this Tuesday, one day after Labor Day. Now it would make sense to read two straight days but for most people, it’s back to work and school. So we thought it would be cool to list a few things that can be done to make the most of the day even if you and your family can’t spend the whole

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