Beauty and the Beast: Dream Big, Princess

It was too easy for Beauty and the Beast to become a long-time favorite as a teenager. I remember getting the VHS tape and watching it over and over and over again. Each scene was new every single time and Belle being the weird bookworm she was seemed so real and exciting. Looking back, I know the characterization played a huge part in my

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Imagireading Today! featuring Onyx McFly Saves the Day!

A few days ago I posted a meme on Instagram and commented underneath it that Onyx McFly and Trey Jones should totally hook up and tell the story of their union, one that would eventually lead them to being the best of friends. I joked about it but tagged both Crystal Johnson and Monica Mathis-Stowe hoping that they’d see an opportunity. If nothing else, they

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Imagireading Today! featuring Baobab Publishing Co.

Imagiread first featured some of the delights from the Baobab Publishing company some time ago. It was a little after we’d met the owner, Schertevear Watkins, and discovered her passion for multicultural children’s literature. Her company has to date published more than 15 reads, all promised to plant seeds of character, unity, wisdom, and love. And they do just that but in a “realistic” way.

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