Must-have tool #5

School supplies, check. New clothes, check. New shoes, check. Art lessons, no check. When I was a kid, I took art class for granted. I loved the subject and couldn’t imagine myself without the ability to create freely and design. Fast forward to my high school years when I was introduced to Interior Design. I completely and totally fell in love with the program;

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Must-have tool #6

Being back in the classroom is trying at time. Little people have so much to do and being courteous during it all can (and has been from my observance) be a real test. An observatory conduit to pack up for the littles is respect. Respect is a flavorful noun. For some, it tastes one way, for others, it tastes another. The challenge is figuring

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Must-have tool #4

If there were a way to make all of the tools number one I would explore the option. It’s just that today’s tool is something every child has and needs simultaneously, similar to some of the other tools. I know, it doesn’t make much sense but it will. Imagine this; you wake up energized and breeze through getting prepared for work. Everything is flowing

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