Imagireading Adventures


New Year, New Imagireading Goals! This January, Imagireaders will explore what's known as THE BIG IDEA, gaming style. 

Learners ages 5-12 are invited to understand how game theory tactics translate into academic success in our premier adventure, THE BIG I.D.E.A. 

We will explore and discover: 

  • Character Development 
  • Impressions 
  • Decision making 
  • Interaction with others 
  • Path creation 
  • Success hacks 

and so much more. 

**Due to the nature of programming, learners will need to log on for one-on-one sessions weekly for one hour during the month. The last week of the month will be reserved for Parents to attend our Power Skill Drill presentation, celebrating the accomplishments throughout the sessions.  

***This adventure does NOT come with an Adventure Kit, however the choice to have one added is available. Inquire within. 


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