Imagiread’s Wheel of Imagination

Recently we put together a year in review post that outlined what we accomplished in 2020. In it, we referenced the release of our Wheel of Imagination and how it acts as the foundation of all of our programming. The Wheel was designed by Imagiread’s Head Imaginarian, Mrs. Tiffany, during her many years of classroom… Continue reading Imagiread’s Wheel of Imagination

1,2,3, Imagiread!

We’ve got an out of this world announcement!

How to raise an IMAGIREADER!

Ms. Tiffany has created an e-Book to assist parents with raising an IMAGIREADER. Learning how to read fluently requries: A positive environment Someone to root the reader on Different “tools” to read Tons of questions Opportunities to read for fun What other resources can we provide to support your reader? Tell us in the comments.… Continue reading How to raise an IMAGIREADER!