1,2,3, Imagiread!

We’ve got an out of this world announcement!

How to raise an IMAGIREADER!

Ms. Tiffany has created an e-Book to assist parents with raising an IMAGIREADER. Learning how to read fluently requries: A positive environment Someone to root the reader on Different “tools” to read Tons of questions Opportunities to read for fun What other resources can we provide to support your reader? Tell us in the comments.… Continue reading How to raise an IMAGIREADER!

In Other Words Wednesday week #1

Our very first “In Other Words” Wednesday is here and the word of the day is influx. Comment below and tell us how you remixed the word. Missed the instructions? Check out this post.

Introducing”In Other Words” Wednesdays

Scholars are “out of school” for the holiday break and we want them to retain their literacy development skills. Of course, that begins with encouraging everyone to spend as much time in a balanced environment (i.e. reduced screen time, out in nature, engaging in hands-on play and learning) but it also involves suggesting a quick… Continue reading Introducing”In Other Words” Wednesdays

Kwanzaa for The Makers

About a year ago, Mrs. Tiffany, wrote and published a cultural spin on her Christmas for The Makers audio story and entitled it Kwanzaa for The Makers. The story was released excusively for the launch of The Little Free Library Imagiread curated @The Garden at The Park at Palm Center in the heart of 77021.… Continue reading Kwanzaa for The Makers