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Imagiread was born out of our love for children's literature and a passion for family learning. It all began in 2010 when our owner, Ms. Tiffany, self-published her first book, "It's Water Time, Ma," which quickly became a favorite among school-aged children, parents, and educators for its focus on proper hydration and conservation.

Recognizing the book's impact, an educational organization's Executive Director approached her to collaborate on a S.T.R.E.A.M.-based literacy development curriculum. This partnership inspired her to conduct community-based research, uncovering a crucial need for inclusive and progressive programs that honored cultural diversity and empowered young minds.

Since then, Imagiread has touched the lives of over 6,000 children and their families through various educational initiatives. Our X-S.T.R.E.A.M. Learning Program is a Pop-Up that ventures into community and engages members to rethink literacy development from every angle. Our approach goes beyond traditional frameworks, fostering uniquity, healthy actualization, and personal learning strategy development.

At Imagiread, we believe that "Literacy Development is the key to conscious and active learning. As a foundation, every child is capable of being a strong reader when they are accepted, acknowledged, and supported."

Ms. Tiffany

Join us on this incredible journey as we unlock the power of imagination, one page at a time with our X-S.T.R.E.A.M. Learning Pop-Ups and explore our transformative experiences. Sign up for updates or request us to come to your town below.  

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