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2021 started off with a bang. We hit the ground running with the launch of our Meet the Author Series.  The series features kidlit author interviews held monthly on the second Sunday at 4 pm CST
(5 pm EST), streamed live via Facebook. Created to showcase the stories behind the author’s purpose and story development, the hour-long live sessions feature authors who are committed to the
Whole Child! Whole School! Whole Community! model.

The series started with none other than our very own Head Imaginarian, Mrs. Tiffany. Mrs. Tiffany is the author of It’s Water Time, Ma!, a story that features her youngest son Tiem and his journey towards loving water just as much as his mother does. During her interview session, she discussed blended learning, how to close the educational gap widened amidst COVID19, and how to create a thriving environment for every 21 Century Learner. 

February’s Meet the Author session featured the international award-winning mastermind behind The Flitlits, Eriy Reese-Thomas. Eiry is no stranger to the Imagireading Family as she’s traveled with us for a decade now. Mrs. Tiffany got a chance to talk with her about her health education history, the development of The Flitlits, and how all of it has led to an all-new, comprehensive reading regime.

We’re head over heads anxious for the new system to be released and have something extra special to share in the meantime. Be sure to follow Eiry Rees Thomas on Facebook and @TheFlitlits on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

Once we soared the skies with The Flitlits, we landed in the forest with our dear friends over at Joy Sun Bear. Mrs. Tiffany got a chance to sit down with creators Shearin and John Lee to talk about all of Joy’s adventures. With two releases completed, the crew elaborated on how the community has been a huge part of Joy’s escapades and how it has served Joy and his friends well to choose love, empowerment, and togetherness throughout.

Stay tuned for an exclusive activity to support children with creative expression using Big Changes, New Adventures written by the team at Joy Sun Bear. For more, visit

We’re getting ready for the second quarter of all things imagination according to children’s authors. Join us on Sunday, April 11, 2021, as we chat with Princess Sherifat Akorede as she talks about her royal lineage, her literary work, her incredible doll collection, and of course poetry! Follow her at @princesssherifatakorede

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  1. Congratulations on such an inspiring start to the series. It was such a privilege to have been invited to discuss common goals and aspirations with a talented, insightful interviewer. Engaging with the the other interviewees was a pleasure too. Huge thanks, Mrs Tiffany.

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