Meet the Author: Eiry Rees Thomas

Yesterday Imagiread kicked off its Meet the Author Series with Mrs. Tiffany as the guest feature. The live event was a hit and proved valuable to our community through the commentary. In keeping with our goal to extend the conversations for readers to deepen their knowledge of story structure and design, we will host an event every second Sunday of the month. Our next event is online event is scheduled for Sunday, February 14, 2021, at 4:00 PM CST and will feature Eiry Rees Thomas.

Eiry is no stranger to the Imagiread family. In fact, she and her genius masquerade as a full-fledged interactive literacy development experience for children entitled The Flitlits. We’ve been enchanted by The Flitlits for some time and are so excited that a new edition of the system will soon be released. We will talk in-depth with Eiry about her background as both a nurse and an educator, how she believes we can close the education gap with diverse and inclusive literacy development instruction, how she foresees parents and educators supporting their scholars through digital learning, and so much more. You’ve got to tune in.


  1. Feeling very privileged Imagiread. Thank you so much for the invitation. There are so many avenues that we travel together in support of reading, literacy, diversity, community an so much more…

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