Meet the Author Series

Most know the humble beginnings of how Imagiread was born. It all started with a childhood dream to celebrate children’s literature with families in and around the community as often as possible. The dream was the easiest part of building Imagiread, but the rest wasn’t as dreamy as I expected.

Soon after self-published my first S.T.R.E.A.M-based children’s release, It’s Water Time, Ma!, I learned first-hand that reading together as a family wasn’t necessarily a priority and almost seemed to be a privilege for some. It didn’t take long for me to look to the state’s literacy standards and find some clues, but I wanted to go deeper, which is where the beginning of Imagiread’s infinite mission came alive. It’s to close the gap for our scholars by affording access to quality 21st-century literacy development programming.

To expand upon our commitment this year, we’ve instituted several initiatives. In addition to The Little Free Library at The Garden at Park at Palm Center, we kicked off Operation 10,000 Children Imagireading at the end of December 2020. It will run through December 2021. We began In Other Words Wednesdays this month, and they will run concurrently along with our newest feature, the Meet the Author series.

The Meet the Author series is designed to give Imagireaders, parents, educators, and community organizers a healthy foundation to build upon the art of storytelling. Storytelling and referencing text is a critical literacy development step that needs to be emphasized in early childhood development and primary and secondary schooling. With the times we are presently in, I strongly believe that we are obligated as a community to ensure that we care for ourselves as we would each other and leave a blueprint of how we persevered. Storytelling is the most important tool we have, and our goal is to highlight authors who effortlessly craft for a variety of audiences that may or may not be exalted in mainstream publishing.

The sessions will take place every second Sunday of the month at 4:00 PM LIVE. To kick things off this month, I’m being interviewed and will talk about my inspiration behind It’s Water Time, Ma!, who I look up to as an author, and what else I’m working on behind the scenes. Mark your calendars and join us. We promise to make it worth your while.

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