Imagiread was born in late 2011. It was, originally as the nation’s only multi-dimensional family literacy platform, built to implore families to take stock in literacy one book and one event at a time and as often as possible. The company was fortunate, in its first three years, to reach more than 25,000 families in and around the greater Houston metropolitan area and started developing customized programming to help families continue their reading legacy at home, at school, and in the workplace. In 2014, the company migrated into Imagiread Consulting Services LLC. As a newly incorporated consulting boutique, the company began to focus its attention on community literacy as a whole by serving individuals, families and businesses with professional writing, publishing and organizing services. The demand grew and so became the marriage of the then company, one that inspired, connected and did things write!

In August of 2015 Imagiread announced it’s expansion into a full-service family literacy engagement platform. The mission of the platform evolved into creating and celebrating diverse reading experiences with today’s family in mind by citing socially responsible literature and developing culturally appropriate literacy development programs for children and adults alike. Complemental productions included adding a premier digest, Imagireading Today!, an edutaining on-site childcare program for social gatherings called Activicare, and a mobile cooperative called The Imagiread Mobile Kidlit Book Fair.

During Imagiread’s tenure, the platform has been recognized for its contributions in both the public and private sectors. Some of the noting organizations are Harris County Department of Education, Premier Baby Planning, Pearland Public Library, Harris County Public Library, Dinky Drum School of Music, Star of Hope Mission, After the Cut Mentoring, Encourage Me I’m Young, ROOTS Pregnancy Center, Councilman Jerry Davis’ Walk Towards Literacy Rally, and the YMCA Healthy Kids program. The platform has been featured in news and media by Macaroni Kid, Houston Style Magazine, Mosaic Family Magazine, Change Magazine, CUSH Magazine, and on KPFT, True Journey Radio, Authors First Radio, and Mixed Race Radio. Imagiread is also in strategic partnership promoting the resounding value of families reading together with international partners Cultural Au Pair, Read A Loud, Arte Público Press, and Multicultural Children’s Book Day.