The First Music

As a storyteller I tend to be taken aback by other storytellers. Especially the ones who I know are deeply rooted in their craft, committed to it above almost everything else. When I was first introduced to Dylan Pritchett I immediately got that sense. He’s a sight to see and a rhythm to behold for sure.


I discovered his work, The First Music, years ago. To date, it’s still my absolute favorite children’s book about how interconnected music is, jazz most importantly. It’s a brilliant display of the sounds of the West African forest in a beautifully enriched visual format. The book is recommended for those in preschool through the third grade. I’d trump that call and say that this is a must-have for every home no matter the age or grade. We’re celebrating Poetry and All That Jazz this month and The First Music is high on the on our radar for families. Take a sneak peek here. 


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