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Einstein Child!

We get to celebrate #booklove with the families of LifeSkills House this month! Join us.

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International Book Giving Day is February 14th

International Book Giving Day is February 14th and this year we’re supporting the people who really make it possible.

Soup lovin' goodness (2)
Life Is But A Dream

Falling in love with Mayanito and his new friends was easy. Now, to find out where else they will go.


A year ago this month Imagiread premiered our exclusive online book review series entitled Imagireading Today! on YouTube. The purpose of the series was to connect parents and educators to books and materials that are socially responsible, culturally appropriate and authentic; creating opportunities to support and encourage little people with the power of literacy. I […]

Dear Picture Book, We Adore You.

 Oh Picture Book, how lovely thou art. Thou attests a beauty that is indescribable and unrelenting. A magical influence at best, and a heart wrenching testament like none other, you steal away our passion and hold it prisoner. Freedom is not our wish. Oh Picture Book, how we adore you so.   ~Tiffany Rachann  When […]

Soup lovin' goodness (1)
Hello Goodbye Dog [MCBD 2018 Selection #2]

Zara and Moose will assuredly be friends of mine forever and forever. What a fully blossomed, deep reaching read!

Soup lovin' goodness
Grandma’s Saturday Soup [MCBD 2018 Selection #1]

“A sensory-filled portrait of a memory, vivid enough for all readers to see. “~Tiffany Rachann, Imagiread