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Proud Partnerships-IMPACT: I AM THE MOVEMENT

Imagiread is pleased to announce that we’ve officially formed a community literacy partnership with IMPACT: I AM THE MOVEMENT.

Yay, Gladys!!
Gladys Is In Bloom

One of the things that makes Imagiread so fun is getting pre-released material to read and review. I can’t explain the feeling when I get a beautifully nestled book in the mail that I didn’t expect. It’s definitely something to behold so imagine the feeling when it comes via email and is unexpected. Ahhhhhhhh, it’s […]

The Lit-tel Coaching Academy Launch Preview Party [Live Recording]

Asking questions. Gleaning answers. Learning about preparation and process. That’s what the Lit-tel Coaching Academy is all about.

The DDC School of Music goes back!

All “geared” up to be a part of the DDC School of Music’s Back to School Bash. You’re Invited!

Change this way
We’re back!

Almost three months have passed since we’ve been interactive via our social media channels and we felt it. Boy did we miss everyone and everything but alas we’re back and better than ever. The hiatus we absolutely had to partake in was entirely productive. We were moving things around a bit so that we could […]