Imagireading Today! featuring Ms. Pig E. Bank$

Welcome to April! We’ve made it through April Fool’s Day and are getting into the month with a comfortable stride. This month houses three exciting coins (pun intended), Jazz Appreciation Month, National Poetry Month and Financial Literacy Month. We’re laying it on thick for Jazz Appreciation Month and National Poetry Month but wanted to kick off the month taking a good look at finances in light of Financial Literacy Month.

As parents, we’ve all had to (or will have to) have a conversation with our children about the value of money and the importance of saving. It’s a must-do kinda thing and if not planned, can come off negatively. How do you gently teach children that money really doesn’t grow on trees while illustrating examples of why saving is important and how to do it? As with anything, you find a good book that can do it for you!

When I first read Ms. Pig E. Bank$ I was infatuated with all her sass. She’s honestly the smartest pig I know and she is because she’s figured out how to satisfy her cravings. This is a must-have for the home library and I talk about why, and as always preview the first few pages, on the episode of Imagireading Today! After you watch it, grab your copy here and then download your supplement here.¬†Once you do all of that stop by here to get some Ms. Pig E. Bank$ merchandise as a reminder to commit to your family’s savings goals. You’ll be glad you did!

As always, happy Imagireading!


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