Imagireading Today! featuring Here We Go: A Poetry Friday Book

I couldn’t help it, I had to feature the read that immediately took me to another place the day I received and read it. It’s definitely higher up on my must-read recommendations and you’d have to read it to know why. I offer a preview and a short, but long, supplement for this read as I do everything else but want to disclaim a few things. First, I chose the book for feature on Imagireading Today! outside of the fact that it’s fitting for National Poetry Month but also because it’s so compelling. Here We Go: A Poetry Friday Book ignites the “let’s do it!” in young people and because of the narrative forms, they vary from person to person, and they beg all those who attempt to dive deep into introspection. I mentioned on the preview episode that one of the things I notice in my students is that they lack contextual reality in text and how it appears and disappears according to the situation at hand. Here We Go does a phenomenal job of keeping up with being kept up. It’s a must-have for every child of today and parents too. Watch the episode where I preview a few pieces and then download your supplement¬†here. As always, thanks for tuning in and taking part to invest in family literacy as the gift it is.

Happy Imagireading!


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