Imagireading Today! featuring Breaking the Sickle

March has come to a beautiful end and because it has we chose to finish up our worlds.women.wisdom highlight with a bang. It’s no wonder that women have been sole contributors to science and technology as they have. Women have historically been able to connect dots and make breakthroughs that have greatly advanced our society as a whole all while still playing a dedicated role in their families and communities. For that reason, it was with great pleasure to feature Breaking the Sickle: A Snippet of the Life of Dr. Yvette Fay Francis-McBarnette and I tried my best to portray the excitement on the episode of Imagireading Today! 

In the story, Dr. Yvette uses several metaphors to relay her message that everyone is important and that we have the power to do great things using her method of giving. This is a must-read for the little girl who wants to be a doctor or chemist, it’s a must-read for every little girl period. As usual, I put together an interactive supplement(with a new pre-work question) for this one where I tried to choose the questions that open up a place for more discussion about the dedication of women and how they manage life and contribution. Get your copy here. Our friends at Melanin Originals just recently announced that 25% of all of the proceeds go to benefit the continuous research at the Sickle Cell Disease Association of North Texas. Yet another fine example of how literacy continues to be the gift that keeps giving. We’d love your feedback, what did you think about Dr. Yvette AND what can do you to educate people about the trials of Sickle Cell? Comment here or on YouTube.

As always, happy Imagireading!


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