Storytime/School Visits

Imagine a story time excursion that bends the edges of imagination and stirs up creativity. An experience that is both enchanting and enriching, a production of sorts that rests comfortably in the vast world of possibilities for little thinkers on their way to being literally armed and productive. Dare to expand on that vision and then picture a company that dares to expand on that vision as well. We do. Imagiread is pleased to present Storytime and School Visits for little audiences that love being challenged to use their superpowers fluently and purposefully. All age and content appropriate, these models are sure to please even the most determined memorizer.

Each visit comes standard with customized lesson planning and selection pairing that is culturally competent. Designed to support the classroom goals, readings are facilitated in almost any setting. Just bring the littles.

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Need a bit more? Feature an Imagiread Storytime or School Visit and get co-branded Parent Letters, take away activities and bonus supplements for teachers and librarians.

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*Additional productions with a full band are also available. It is highly encouraged that institutions inquire about Storytime/Author Visit activities as least 90 days prior to the event. Please consider the number of presentations/performances and be sure to include contact information for the individual who should receive said information. NOTE that by receiving a response to an inquiry does not confirm or guarantee an appearance.