Creative Reading Development IS HERE!

Does your child struggle with reading? Do they respond negatively to language arts and prefer other subjects? Are they acting out in school or at home as a result? Have you tried standard behavior modifications and tutoring? Are you looking for a fun, cooperative way to reiterate the importance of reading? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you and your child may be eligible to receive Creative Reading Development training services.

Creative Reading Development is_ FunInteractive Mastery-based Self-paced and peer supported

Imagiread has tested and developed Creative Reading Development training using the most advanced research tools. Those tools efficiently processed data from a wide range of children surveyed. The outcome proved positive in that 2 out of 4 children under the age of 9 don’t actively read because they had been introduced to doing so as a chore. Of those children, more than 59% admitted to having a lack of interest in the content presented to them at developmental milestones. A similar highlight surfaced when we surveyed those who had been tested for ADD and ADHD; that stat outlined higher regression as they responded to the survey with minimal references, in short, they had never been taught how to feel the content. One of the last highlights Imagiread used during sampling was the familial response to reading and its importance. 39% of the parents who were surveyed expressed an unfavorable position where it regarded literacy and reading during their early academic years. 86% of those parents said that they would sign up for a family literacy program that addressed the family’s needs and individual challenges to enhance their child’s literacy interaction. That data alone was enough to formulate a program that supports children from ages 0-13 in being better, more confident readers and it allowed us to redefine the learning system for parents who wanted to help their children with their efforts. Because of, the Imagiread Creative Reading Development training programs all feature family support tools, resources, and program projects that are culturally authentic and appropriate, empowering families to learn and do together at no additional charge.

The training isn’t just for reluctant or struggling readers. Because the sessions are all mastery-based and peer-supported, using up to 70% project-based learning, each component is designed to support every learner with every learning style. Readers who are on-level and advanced enjoy the liberty of co-creating critically-engaging media literacy instruction pieces for peers who are also on-level. Co-creating empowers students to empathetic leadership. We discovered in one of the last pieces of data we contrived was how readers-on-level and advanced readers viewed and interacted with peers who were reluctant. We were ecstatic to find that 78% of those children saw it necessary to encourage their peers. 46% of those children even went so far as to state that they would start, engage and sustain a peer-study program in corporation with those who struggled with reading. So, we designed each program with several intensive modules that rally for the coordinated efforts of all of the students. That empowers each student to display their learning value in a neutral environment while advancing their social-emotional intelligence. Every child should have access to a quality education, and literacy is the foundation.

Imagiread is pleased to announce that Creative Reading Development training sessions will begin June 2016. These summer sessions will afford families the opportunity to explore the benefits of ongoing Creative Reading Development training. Click here to engage a brief inquiry about participation. If you are ready to enroll but have a few questions about enrollment, please email us, and we will arrange a conversation either by phone at your convenience. Open enrollment has commenced. Sign up for either session by clicking here.