So much of a child’s day is consumed with performing and doing their absolute best. Shouldn’t there be a designated time for children just to be children, creative in their right with a little bit of entertainment and a whole lot of care? We think so, and it’s why we developed Activicare by Imagiread.

Activicare by Imagiread is quality care and edutaining fun for kids on-site at social gatherings. Our project-based learning fun comes in all sizes, typically serving ages 0-100. We have the manpower to handle any event and have gotten the Mom’s seal of approval for our programming.


Download our Activicare brochure and discover how to dazzle your littles with edutaining fun that is sure to please. To request a custom quote for your next event contact us via email and an Activicare representative will personally respond to your request within 24 hours, seven days a week.