My Kid Writes Books!

This interactive class outlines easy-to-follow, hands-on instructions for budding authors to produce their next best-seller using mixed media instruction and Imagiread’s exclusive “write-now” technique. Supplies are included, and sessions are available in-home, with partnering organizations and during out-of-school time.

Imagiread designs classes on the foundational premise that engaging educational products and services should all be contextual, practical and relevant. That way, students benefit from exploring ideologies that challenge them to isolate critical thinking skills while using real-world reflective practices that strengthen soft skills. My Kid Writes Books! was originally developed in 2015 after parents were queried about the kinds of programs that they were interested in enrolling their children and since it’s been a hit! Supplies are included. Each class is approximately 120 minutes, and participants can choose from the Just Fun or Complete with Publishing option.  

Imagiread is the happening thing for kids, whether they like reading or not; it’s all things imagination on steroids.

Alexa Chavez

In this all-knowing class, Imagireaders navigate the rules and tools necessary for them to become a published author. Using techniques recognized in the publishing marketplace; students will write, illustrate and prepare works for pre-production all in one sitting.

This class is inclusive and easy to follow. It includes instruction, preparation, and feedback time for all ages (group ages must be noted at time of sign-up). Ideal for classroom setting, could work in open space with 8 ft’ tables and chairs. 

My Kid Writes Books! is designed for all ages, grade levels, and levels of expertise. Perfect for the beginner who is creative or the intermediate with mad writing skills, this class inspires Imagireaders to see beyond the book itself in order to create an imaginative masterpiece.


March 2019
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