Lit-tel Coaching Academy

Future Imagireaders are introduced to Imagiread’s core values through a constructive dialogue that sets the tone for learning readiness. Our Lit-tel Coaching program is exclusively designed for those who are struggling with literacy functions but also purposed for those who simply need reinforcement. Sessions are customizable and private, locations are available all around Houston.

The Lit-Tel Coaching Academy was developed after a three-year research and development project was conducted by Imagiread. During the research, Imagiread learned about the intricate challenges many have, both students and adults, when processing literal concepts. Having partnered with several instructional companies and organizational partners, Imagiread gathered the data and constructed a custom maintenance program that inspires the student to immediately grasp contextual concepts using a series of unique brain exercises.

My son was struggling with comprehension and his grades were getting bad. After two Lit-Tel coaching sessions with Ms. Tiffany I saw his attitude towards reading change a whole lot.

Neicy Taylor

Lit-tel Coaching sessions are custom engagement sessions. Also cleverly known as tutoring, the combined experiences in each session promote learning readiness and confidence.

All Lit-Tel Coaching sessions are one hour long. Students have the option of meeting at a physical location or having exercises conducted via Skype. If a physical meeting place is opted, said location must have tables/desks and chairs available for instruction. The space should ideally be quiet and private as a means to protect the learner’s confidentiality.

Enrollees must agree and participate in two pre-test exercises. Results of the exercises will be made available to parents/caregivers/supporters prior to session commencement. These sessions are designed for all learners with all backgrounds. Individual questions and circumstances should be directed to prior to enrollment.


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