Expressive Art Workshops

Expressive Art Workshops are the new and happening thing and Wonderfulli Made has put a vivid spin on the experiences. These self-reflective workshops invite participants to explore personal and group outlook while supporting a space for critical thinking, creativity, and social skills. 

Regina Mouzon is the owner and operator of Wondefulli Made, an artistic lifestyle company that duals as a creative montage experience. She crafted the dream after her own heart’s desires once she explored the depths of how art transforms personality and instills character if facilitated in a loving, supportive environment for everyone. The classes are all framed to bring out the very best in every learner. No matter the experience, the age, the reason; everyone should be able to harness the power of art in calm, vibrant environments.

VENT is my favorite art class. I get to talk about stuff that happens to me and learn art at the same time.

Emily Lampton

Wonderfulli Made is committed to helping people find and create artistic ways to heal, increase self-esteem, and build togetherness. Our slogan “Taking a look inside will help become a better me.”

This class is inclusive and easy to follow. It includes instruction, preparation, and feedback time for all ages (group ages must be noted at time of sign-up). Ideal for classroom setting, could work in open space with 8 ft’ tables and chairs.

Our classes do not require a skillset requirement. Ages, class size and themes may vary. Please inquire prior to enrollment by emailing


March 2019
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