Activicare by Imagiread

Quality. On-Site. Happiness.

No matter what the occasion and no matter what the reason, Activicare is the quality on-site child care solution for the challenge. Our staff is made up of educators, social workers and event designers that focus their attention on activities that are edutaining, inclusive, and fun. Imagireaders are bedazzled with a variety of exercises that enhance creative writing and explore the confines of artistic expression. All that really means is we guarantee that the little people in your party will be pleased. Interested in having Activicare come out to your next gathering? Download our brochure complete with activity type, photos, and FAQ or request a personal quote and a representative will be in touch with you.

Developed by Educators. Approved by Moms.

Planning an unforgettable event or celebration and looking for a take-away that will be cherished by each and every guest? Want to assure the children will be just as entertained as the adults? Activicare is exactly what you need. Established by educators and approved by Moms, the personal service is one that seeks to edutain Imagireaders with custom event-oriented activities. Each session is designed around the Celebration’s intent adding value to the experience for the whole family. Celebrants get to choose the activities, themes, and memento and Imagireaders get to relive their experience with a record of their process and a copy of their dedication.

Activicare P.M.


Activicare P.M. is what we like to think of as the nightlight for fun. All of the edutaining fun of the day, at night; participants explore themes and narratives that preface sweet dreams. Available for slumber parties, overnight camps, and lock-ins, these hiatuses are made for stirring up the imaginations. For more information on activities, Download our brochure.