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Imagireading Today! on YouTube

We’ve been holding out on launching the Imagireading Today! Series on YouTube for some time. Just recently, several parents asked if we’d ever considered one and we took the query as consideration to proceed with it. In response, we’ve launched our YouTube channel complete with cover art and a whopping three short videos. These videos were of course designed to get something up on

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Must Have Tool # 1

Our first tool is super easy to find and readily available for all who look for it. The challenge with this tool is that sometimes it doesn’t make itself as visible so when we are teaching our children how to find it we need extra resources to support our approach. The tool, self-awareness. Self-awareness is a must have tool for Back-To-School because it beckons

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Good Night Little Ones

Sibling rivalry, monsters creeping out of the closet and reflective behavior are all a part of growing up for many little people. For some parents, sifting through the rivalry can mean embarking on insanity while others have figured out the trick. This book is clearly for both groups and the group that falls smack dab in the middle! May is Latino Book Month and

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Graciela Tiscareno-Sato

I’d like to start this #womenwhowrite post with disclaiming that I try not to act biased. Biased in tooting the horns of those whom I personally know and revere but sometimes I can’t help it. That’s the case with today’s celebrant, Graciela Tiscareno-Sato. I adore her work and her work is an indication of her person, something else I adore so biased I may

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Imagiread’s Facebook Shop Is Now Open

Imagiread is pleased to announce that it opened its very own Facebook Shop at the end of 2015. The shop currently features all of the selections available in the Imagiread Mobile Kidlit Book Fair and are ready to ship upon order. The goal of the shop is to have a place where caregivers can refer after having read reviews and input in Imagireading Today!.

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Take December To Remember

Yes indeed, the end of the year is upon us. It’s a glorious time to gather family and friends in the name of all of the wonderful things that have happened thus far. Some call it the holidays, the things that are built for making precious memories with. This year Imagiread was fortunate to touch the lives of many and because we were we

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It’s National Family Literacy Month and in this month’s edition of Imagireading Today! we announced the big deal giveaway in honor. It’s quite frankly EPIC! No really……it is.   EPIC! is an award-winning storytime app for families. The app features a huge variety of books for little ones (and adults) and is a unique personalized experience. Families can opt to have the books read aloud

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#Famlitis HERE!

It’s November! Can you believe it? This month Imagireading Today! focuses its goodness on all of the graciousness of the month, literally. In honor, this month’s edition is hot off the press and challenging families to consider what #famlitis, we think its growing with gratitude. Check it out here and be sure to follow all of the action on Facebook and Twitter.   Happy Imagireading!

Quick-read: “Those books are too advanced for my kid”

I’ve come across a lot of parents who have been misled to think that certain books are too advanced for their children. A majority of them happen to be parents of children ages 2-5 who are in day school programs. The debate normally starts with them saying something like “I buy my child books all the time” and ends with “These books are too

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The October Edition of Imagireading Today! Is Live

It’s officially October and I can’t be happier about it. In honor of the beginning of the best season there is, Imagireading Today! is officially ready to be revelled in, with all things Fall of course. This edition features the best in reviews, our exclusive Digital Definite feature and a bonus article about the importance of supporting teachers and parents socially and emotionally. Take

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