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I’m Trey Jones and I Know It! is Imagiread Approved

Just a few days ago we released the latest episode of Imagireading Today! where I featured the Trey Jones book series. In the video, I proudly profess my love for Trey and all of his wondrous self-awareness with a blunder and a blooper neatly interspersed. Trey has that effect. He and his super-tall personality is what did it for me; I immediately knew he

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Imagireading Today! featuring I’m Trey Jones and I Know It! [Double Feature]

This week’s episode of Imagireading Today! is live and direct, waiting for you and your little ones to enjoy. Moving right along in our Children in History feature for the month, we took a look at a character that is near and dear to my heart because he is who he is and he knows it! He is none other than Trey Jones and

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Milo’s Museum is Imagiread Approved!

Last week Imagiread kicked off its YouTube premiere of Imagireading Today! with Milo’s Museum as the feature.  It was the perfect read for our Children In History theme this month that vividly celebrates Black History Month. There is a closely connected contrast in the leaders as children of yesterday and children of today that will soon be leaders. It’s a timely consideration. The world

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