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Imagireading Today! on YouTube

We’ve been holding out on launching the Imagireading Today! Series on YouTube for some time. Just recently, several parents asked if we’d ever considered one and we took the query as consideration to proceed with it. In response, we’ve launched our YouTube channel complete with cover art and a whopping three short videos. These videos were of course designed to get something up on

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Family First & Moms

Just in time for Family First I have a video that I HAVE to share with all of you. It’s the funniest video I’ve ever seen about motherhood. I mean seriously like ever! You’ve got to see it. Click here to watch it and get a FREE gift for the family just for watching it!   

Family First with Dr. Suess

I’ve yet to explain how Dr. Suess made a profound impact on my early love of reading. I have because much of it begins and ends with his work. And of course in the way he carefully crafted each rhyme bundled with jewels of wisdom. Through my adult life, I’ve come to know many of those adages as truth. And I’m grateful. Since gratitude

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Sweet November

November is a touchdown month, it being one that celebrates so many causes all with good reason. First up, National Family Literacy Month, after our own heart. We’re celebrating this year with a vengeance, as we do every year, with more hands-on family literacy fun. Who knows? With our help families might just be able to cross entertainment off of their holiday shopping list. Second

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