#nowimagireading 7 Days with Daddy

Dads are special for so many reasons. They teach us what the world looks like from their perspective, somehow grounding us and making us gentle giants. This Father’s Day, we were privileged to Imagiread a special book about the father-daughter relationship, and it got us near teary-eyed. The book, 7 Days with Daddy. 

The book starts out on a gloomy note, Mom is leaving for a business trip and Dad is left in charge for a whole seven days. The little finds herself missing Mommy almost immediately and tries her best to keep her mind occupied. That’s when Dad steps in and lightens everything up. This book was so sweet to read. Amongst the educational references, Imagireading Families can look forward to exploring days of the week, counting, play on purpose, and family values just to name a few. The conversation starters in 7 Days with Daddy are just as noteworthy, so we’ve put them together in our Discussion Guide. Once you’ve talked it out, plan some fun times with our 7 Days with Daddy Activity available to download free. When you’ve done all of that don’t forget to swing by and tell Belinda how much you’ve loved the book. You can leave a comment below for her or simply leave a review for 7 Days with Daddy. We’re entirely taken by the book and can’t wait to see what 7 Days with Mommy will look like. 😉

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