The Gift of Clean Water [Imagiread’s Earth Day Celebration]

In honor of Earth Day 2018, Imagiread is celebrating by contemplating what it means to keep our most valuable asset clean. That asset is water. Freshwater sources around the world have plunged into severe lows in the past few years, and we’ve been talking to little ones everywhere about the impact. To keep the conversation going, we are making our first published children’s book; It’s Water Time, Ma!, free this Sunday (Earth Day) via Amazon/Kindle. All you have to do is click here to download it and share the festivity of Tiem’s water adventures with his Mom and Dad with a little one you love. Want to strike up a conversation about it afterward? Download the Discussion Guide here and devise a plan to make sure everyone drinks the suggested amount of clean water and conserves the rest. 

We’d love to hear about your Imagireading fun! Drop us a line about it or comment below.

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    Thank you so much for this precious gift that champions a precious commodity.

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