Now that Tax Day has come and gone, parents can finally sit down and have a conversation about financial literacy and how the whole money concept works. Making it and saving it might be easy to explain but intention and process not so much. It’s why we always seek out the reads we know will make the most sense (and dollars in this case) so that parents can focus on celebrating the Imagireading experience.


One of our favorite financial literacy picture books is the story of Ms. Pig E. Banks. It’s the story of a free-loving tinted pig that is on a mission to catch everything thrown at her for rainy days and celebrations galore. She believes in being fun and fancy while taking into account the value of good deeds. There are so many highlighted lessons throughout the book, ones that families can make personal to their savings goals and because it is, we’re giving away FREE Ms. Pig E. Banks Activity Packs from now until April 31, 2018. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter and get you’ll not only get the free activity pack, but you’ll also get a copy of our signature e-book “How To Raise a Super Reader” free as well. Don’t have the book? Get a physical copy from us here or download it here. Either way, look forward to getting serious about making and saving money complete with sassafrass in tow. Don’t forget to share the wealth with us using #mspigebankssaves.

Happy Imagireading!

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