To Be A Superhero

If you’ve ever spent a good amount of time talking to children about what they love and the topic of Superhero came up then you know how exciting it can be. For both the child and the conversationalist, it’s an instantaneous bond like nothing else and one that should be expounded upon as often as possible.

Just yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with one of my smaller groups about superheroes. One of my most reserved, and oldest, students completely changed when I started asking the group about comics and what they thought about one as compared to the other. It reminded me of my long-time love affair with comic books and gave me an idea that I hadn’t thought about before. Just as adults so often relate to the good and bad “parts” of the superhero, so do children. They know that having power comes with risk and reward. They understand that good is needed for evil and vice versa. They get that superheroes are everyday people with the same challenges we all face. Reality.

I’m always grateful for the time that I have just to talk with children. As an educator, but mostly a student, I find it incredibly rewarding to be privy to thoughts that may not have come up otherwise. It helps me to understand where I need to get better and how. Listening is so valuable.

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