Bookshelf Basics: Early Childhood Must Haves

As a literacy company, we’ve always praised books that are both informational and functional. We know that it’s those both that serve more than one purpose that typically goes over well with our little Imagireaders and help us to connect more than one learning concept according to our plans.

When we stumble upon an incredible example of that, we feel obligated to share with our Imagireading Family! Up for overview today is a series entitled The Maya Series.

Maya is an on-the-ball little girl who has a diverse group of friends. Together they illustrate learning concepts like shapes, earning and saving money, and numbers. The entire series has a total of thirteen books, and they are bundled according to the title. Parents and educators will love the variety of reads that cover everything from learning basics to body safety and bullying. Here are a few things we noted about the titles we reviewed:

  1. They are interchangeable-The Book of Shapes in the Mya Series features a variety of shapes. Little ones get an illustration, and then they have the opportunity to configure how often the form is referenced and interchanged. Can you say critical thinking?
  2. They serve multiple purposes-The Book of Numbers not only overviews numbers 1-10, but it also references shapes for each value. Using The Book of Numbers interchangeably with The Book of Shapes creates the perfect multi-dimensional activity complete with identification and sensory lessons.
  3. Earning and Saving Money was our favorite. It features all kinds of creative ways for kids to earn and save money, making them business owners on the spot. The ideas in the book are great for ages 5-12 but can be elaborated on to create the perfect money-making and saving scenarios no matter what the age.

Those were the three we were incredibly fortunate to read and review. We’re presently citing these works in our Introduction to Imagireading Today! sessions helping new Imagireaders to make connections. They love them! Want to stock up on them for your little Imagireader? Visit their website and be sure to share! 

Happy Imagireading!

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