International Book Giving Day is February 14th

The organization that coined International Book Giving Day revealed the 2018 Poster a few weeks ago and it’s sooooooo awesome. See for yourself.

We think the poster encompasses everything the perfect book is. Action, mystery, heroism, adventure and more! (Peep the kids reading about it in the midst. Yup, that’s indicative of how books pull you in no matter what’s going on around you.) International Book Giving Day took off in 2014 with a community of givers determined to get books in the hands of children across the globe. The action was encouraged by current statistics that outline the number of children who have little to no access to books. The day itself encourages everyone to buy and gift a child with a book. As advocates for socially responsible and culturally appropriate books, we encourage parents and caregivers to purchase and gift books respectfully while supporting independent publishing houses, authors, and illustrators that are dedicated to portraying the lifestyles of an array of diverse and multicultural characters. Here are a few of our favorites:

Rosetta Press-This press publishes tons of work by one of our favorite authors, Zetta Elliott. They’re in it with dozens of picture books, early chapter books and novellas all with leading diverse characters who make no apologies for being inquisitive, introspective and intelligent. As evident in our recent #booklove feature highlighting Milo for her story, Milo’s Museum.

Arte Publico Press-One of our all-time favorite publishing entities, Arte Publico Press is a University of Houston imprint that is noted as the oldest and largest Hispanic publisher in the United States. They publish everything from bi-lingual picture books to chapter books, to adult novels, autobiographies, anthologies and so much more. Shimmy on over to our #bookloveforMayanito feature to get an idea of how much we love this house.

Seven Stories Press-is an “Independent press in NYC publishing political non-fiction, progressive children’s books, and works of the radical imagination.”. They’ve published some of our favorites including A is For Activist, Counting On Community, My Night in the Planetarium (which my kids looooooove) and The Wedding Portrait just to name a few.

Reflection Press-The “About” section for Reflection Press says “Reflection Press is an independent publisher of radical and revolutionary children’s books and works that expand cultural and spiritual awareness. We provide materials that support a strong sense of individuality along with a community model of real inclusion.” They publish reads that highlight gender acceptance and equality and the bonus; they’ve turned some of their book characters into jewelry! Is that not the perfect gift?

Blood Orange Press-This press is another favorite and for so many reasons. #Readincolor is their coin, nuff said. The other reason we love it is that it was started by another one of our favorite authors, Janine MacBeth. Janine is a fantastic artist/illustrator and her book Oh, Oh, Baby Boy has consistently topped our list of favorite Father/Son reads.

Hard Ball Press-Owned by the magnificent Tim Sheard, Hard Ball Press is a dazzling publishing house that claims to publish books for the “working class,” if I had to I’d say they print for the thinking class. Our favorite there, Joelitto’s Big Decision by another one of our favorite authors Ann Berlack.

Gracefully Global-Ah yes, Gracefully Global is yet another favorite (see a trend here?), owned by Author/Speaker/Teacher extraordinaire Graciela Tiscareno-Sato, this publishing house has done a tremendous amount of activism in and outside of the school system. Soon after we met Graciela, she was gracious enough to travel to Houston to participate in Imagiread’s Women with Wings event celebrating Women’s History Month. You’ve got to read Graciela’s story AND snag our bi-lingual favorite Good Night Captain Mama (You can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited-you’re welcome).

Baobab Publishing-Yup, this is another favorite publishing house of ours. What we love most about this House is how the stories are so very different. Our favorites are cross-cultural reads that focus on self-awareness. We’ve featured a few of them over the years and even awarded two of them an Imagiread Approved award. Little ones love these reads; it’s too easy.

Melanin Origins-Last but certainly not least is our favorite “Everyday Black History” go-to. We love Melanin Origins for that reason. The folks over there are courageously celebrating leaders and thinkers of yesterday and today, simultaneously. We’ve made a big deal over a few of their books too. Wonder if you can spot them? Head on over and add some of these titles to your bookshelf like yesterday and get your MO on!

I’m almost positive that I might be missing a few others. Until I can think of them, this list should get you started on creating a personal experience for International Book Giving Day and every day onward.
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Until next time, happy Imagireading!


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