This month Imagiread is celebrating #booklove in more ways than one. First up by highlighting some of our favorite reads via Facebook and Instagram and so far it’s been a blast. Another way we are fortunate to celebrate this month is with our friends over at LifeSkills House. LifeSkills House is one of Imagiread’s community literacy engagement partners. We develop and facilitate custom programming for the moms and little ones participating in the project and this month we are doing so with the theme, Einstein Child!

The workshop is free, open to the public, and suggested for young moms and their children. Topics covered will be:

  • Identifying learning styles
  • Creating engagement based on learning behaviors
  • How to create a custom family literacy plan
  • How to shop for books and materials that encourage inquisitive learning
  • Free community resources and supplements

We’ll also be crafting, storytelling, and having a few snacks. Excited is an understatement. Pure #booklove. For more information on ongoing programs and services offered by LifeSkills House, visit their Facebook page for updates.

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