A year ago this month Imagiread premiered our exclusive online book review series entitled Imagireading Today! on YouTube. The purpose of the series was to connect parents and educators to books and materials that are socially responsible, culturally appropriate and authentic; creating opportunities to support and encourage little people with the power of literacy. I launched the series with a read that I thought was perfect for the series, as it contains every element imaginable for teaching how important it is to think outside of the box and have family members and educators that support that notion. That read was Milo’s Museum written by Zetta Elliott and illustrated by Purple Wong. Today, one year later, that read is still the perfect pick and for so many reasons.

In the book, Milo catches a feeling, one that is perpetuated by her visit to the local Museum. She expresses her thoughts with her aunt, who encourages her own answers. And so she did. Milo not only created a viable alternative, but she also gave her entire neighborhood hope and energized neighbors to join her for the revolution.

As part of our Book Love celebration this month I felt the need to honor Milo in some way. And so I wrote her a note. Here it is:

Dear Milo,

My class and I loved reading the story about your visit to the museum. It made us think about the things that we see in the museum. We’ve started to question how those things got there and who chooses those things and have come up with a class project to create a collaborative museum. Our museum will feature all kinds of cool things, from heirlooms to favorite objects to books and old photos. I am so happy that my students will get a chance to show how proud they are of their families and neighborhoods. Thank you for being brave enough to show us how important it is to speak up and act out. You are a shero!

With Book Love,

Ms. Tiffany
How’s that? Share your #bookloveforMilo with us by writing Milo a short note about her impact. We’d love to Imagiread it! Don’t forget to check out the episode of Imagireading Today! where we featured Milo’s Museum for an exclusive sneak peek.


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