In a little over two weeks, Imagiread will come together with hundreds of other kidlit lovers and bloggers and celebrate the 5th annual Multicultural Children’s Book Day. Happening on January 27, 2018, the celebration is an online book reviewing party made especially for any and everyone who loves diverse kidlit and it’s incredible. The hashtag is #readyourworld for crying out loud. Um, HINT!

Imagiread is fortunate to participate in the festivities again this year, it’ll mark our 4th and we are anticipating a book-loving, fantabulous time. Being a MCCBD reviewer has afforded us some pretty hefty relationships with some of our favorite publishers. Wisdom Tales is one of those. (You’d have to watch the Imagireading Today! episode where we featured some of our favorite Wisdom Tales reads.) We’re stoked about reviewing the beauty we got from Language Lizards. It’s an endearing tale of….well, you’ll just have to wait a little longer but I can give you this. A few preview photos..

…and some insight on how you can participate. It’s free and for everyone so here goes:

  1. Go to the MCCBD website and skim through all of the wonderful resources
  2. Follow MCCBD on Instagram (they post the most awesomeness stuff ever!)
  3. Follow MCCBD on Twitter (A must if you are going to join in the Twitter party to win the coolest books your family ever wants to own)
  4. If you’re a teacher and want free books for your classroom, sign up here
  5. Wait and enjoy!

Yes indeed, it’s that easy to be a part. Stay tuned for our exclusive review. I’ve said it a million times but yeah…it’s going to be phenom!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for our take and much more. Oh and if you haven’t signed up for our email series, being released this month, then you can do so here. It’s laced up with all kinds of fun and interesting things you can do to intentionally invest in your Family Literacy goodness for 2018.

Until next time, happy Imagireading always!

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