Oh, what a year 2018 is going to be! READy. SET. GO!

Last year was a big year for us. We figured it would be based on the feedback we’d gleaned through 2016. Our products and services saw a heightened demand, and we faced making a few decisions that meant changing up our original plan a bit. That’s the beauty of asking your following what they need. They tell you loud and clear.

At the end of 2015, Imagiread launched our Mobile Kidlit Book Fair and shortly after that we started Activicare. We knew that both of those brands needed more room to grow and so we began Imagireading Today!, our premier YouTube series that sought to combine book fair magic with activities. The series was going great; we got tons of feedback about the usefulness of the videos and then we premiered our first live interview with Ronel D. Pierre. We were floored that the video got so many views. It prompted us to look at how we could do more of that, include the people our Imagireading family wants to hear from in the series. And we did that with interviewing Noah Rattler soon after but that was our last episode.

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston at the end of August. At the time, thousands of Houstonians were displaced and suffered tremendous physical and emotional losses. Deaths were tolled, and people were shifted around from what had been their homes for years to housing facilities, convention centers, and community centers. It was quite an emotional ordeal, and Imagiread was too affected. We’d been planning the launch of our Lit-Tel Coaching Academy and by the time the hurricane passed we lost working equipment, brand new inventory, teaching supplies and most of all capital. It took months to regain normalcy and even when things got back to normal it wasn’t the same normal we’d grown accustom to.

If you’ve been following Imagiread over the years, then you’ve witnessed some of our ups and downs. A lot of those come from being a majority one-woman operation. If our Head Imaginarian isn’t on the scene and able to get it done, it doesn’t get done, and that was a lesson Hurricane Harvey taught us. It showed us that we have a responsibility to our followers no matter what is happening behind the scenes. Which is why we’ve decided to finish what we started in 2017 this year. Starting now.

Here’s what the first half of the year will bring:

January-READy.Set.Go!: We’ll set off on a journey to read more and on purpose. We’ll be taking a look at how to get the most out of winter reads, so we’re ready for the Spring. That means we will kick it up two notches for our Multicultural Children’s Book Day celebration happening on January 26th; you CANNOT miss that the books we’re reviewing are out of this world beautiful! Lastly, we’ll also be launching our email series packed with the research we’ve been conducting for years on why readers struggle and what parents can do about it. You can sign up for the series here.

February-Book Love: February will be reserved for the best of the books we love and celebrate for illustrating it impeccably. We’ll also be saluting those in history who have contributed to educational advances. It’ll be Black History Month on steroids.

March-Women Who: In March we’ll salute the women who continuously serve in their communities for the advancement of equality and social responsibility. The list is loooooooooooonnng; you don’t want to miss that. We’ll also pay respect to World Water Day with a unique feature centered around the first book we published on the platform; It’s Water Time, Ma!. You don’t want to miss out on that!

April-Books In Bloom: Spring forward into book love, this time with all things blossoming in and around the trees. This April we’ll have fun under the sun with all of the latest seasonal reads. Inspired by Earth Day, we will be hosting an event where we invite ten families out to an exclusive reading event. The details are still very much a secret so you’ll have to stay tuned for that one.

May-Mayday Mayday! I Thank Everyday!: This May we are carving it out for a twofold reason. The first is to say thank you to those who serve us. From Moms to Teachers to those who served in the military, we’re making sure no one is left out. We’ll also be ramping up for our new Summer Reading Program via Imagireading Today!

June-Summer Somethings: As the season transitions onward to summer, we’ll be taking a look at reads that deserve to tag along during summer fun. We’re also celebrating Juneteenth in a big way with one of the community organizations we serve Impact: I AM THE MOVEMENT locally here in Houston.

Through all of our themes, we will be working tirelessly on getting our programs online. We’re shooting for a March 1st re-release date and will be sharing updates until. In the meantime, our READy.Set.Go! theme is alive and well and we’re starting with a few self-serving questions on Instagram. The first one has an answer that’s obvious to some but not so much to others, and that’s some of the focus in our email series, how media literacy is changing and what parents can do to support their scholars during the transition.

A BIG Thank You for being a part of our Imagireading Family. Here’s to the of all there is to Imagiread and share in 2018! Don’t forget to join us in the digisphere. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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