Social-Emotional Learning in High School Students

Social-Emotional Learning and the developments therein have grown tremendously over the past few years. Researchers interested in engagement have identified pivotal sets of data that outline how students perform academically; evaluating their relationships with educators in comparison to the relationship with parents. These studies are taking a close look at how students emotionally respond to academic overload, social interaction, and identifying responsibility as variables in hopes to decipher the likelihood of academic succession and higher education aptitude.

A recent study produced by Aperture Education is amongst one of the studies interested in said conduct. Imagiread, as a preferred After-School program, was asked to participate in gathering research for the study and agreed to do so. The related questions take about 10 minutes and are designed for teachers and/or parents of high-school students. Participants who complete the form will be asked to input Imagiread’s contact information to help track input. That info is our address which is 11601 Shadow Creek Parkway Suite 111-335 Pearland, Texas 77584.

For more information about the research and to participate, download Imagiread Parent Online School Participant Letter or the Imagiread Teacher Online School Participant Letter.

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