Christmas for The Makers: A Peace-Love-Unity Literacy Project

“Inspired by my love of the holiday season, Christmas For The Makers  is an audiostory about a family of four who is anxiously awaiting Christmas magic, each in their own way. Set inside the mind of each of them, the story takes listeners on a round about trip through the heart and back. A must-hear experience for every kind of maker there is, a tradition in the MAKING.” ~ Tiffany Rachann

I was riding home one early afternoon when a call from THE Nolan Davis came through. Since Nolan is a genius I try my best to answer his calls and when I did I found myself on the receiving end of an interrogation about what kinds of books and stories I’d written. He asked me a million questions before he finally told me that he wanted me to write a Christmas story to commemorate the Up Social Network win for most television-styled interviews completed in a 24-hour timeframe as noted by the Guinness Book of World Records. I was floored and of course I rose to the occasion but not before I tortured myself with “Where am I going with this???!”. Fast forward to at least 8 scraps and tons of balled up paper on the floor, came out of me like it’d been waiting for its time to shine. All four characters were created equally and on purpose. I felt like they were ready to meet the world so that they could do what they were designed to do, make….sense of Christmas that is.
Little did I know Nolan had a surprise up his sleeve. He’d brought in a celebrity voiceover personality to narrate the story and boy was she the perfect fit. Her name (as we affectionately call her) is Mrs. Pearl and she adds a girth to the story that wouldn’t be had she not styled it with her personality. Mrs. Pearl has recorded tons of audiobooks in all kinds of genres and her voice is absolutely heavenly. It’s the sparkle atop the Christmas tree and you have to hear yourself to understand exactly why I was floored. Not only was I afforded an opportunity to write a story fitting for the season but it was read by the exact being who was made to do so. Talk about gracious.


When it came time for the story to be read the children were gathered and Mrs. Pearl and I took our places. Unlike her, I was plain clothed-she was all ready to read in her Santa hat. The room grew still and the children all sat anxiously waiting as the story began. When it did, all I could remember was hearing the simple click of the camera again and again and again. It was happening and it was live on television for the entire world to see.
I’ll never forget that day, not just because Nolan and his team at Up Social Network broke the record having 173 interviews completed, but because it was the day that I got an opportunity to share the story behind the story that formed a story of its own. (You’d have to hear it to understand). It marked a proud moment for Imagiread wherein we got yet another opportunity to share how powerful stories really are and that’s one of our key missions. Stories are all around us, they really are everything we have. Being so, I felt strongly that there was only one thing left to do and that’s to share the wealth Christmas For The Makers has afforded Imagiread. To do so Imagiread is taking Christmas For The Makers on tour!

Our kickoff is already underway and we are hopeful to have all of the tour locations up and posted as soon as possible. Be sure to watch our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for news, information and updates regarding. The holiday season is one of the best times of the year and we are so fortunate to celebrate with The Makers. Join us for all of the Imagireading fun!


See you soon!

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