A few years back I was fortunate to serve as co-facilitator for Meetup group called Houston Youth Programs. A friend, who is equally passionate about community advocacy, invited me to assume the leadership position having witnessed Imagiread’s direction and growth. I humbly accepted the challenge and a few events later I met one of the founders of IMPACT: I AM THE MOVEMENT. Her name is Kamlyn Patrick and if I could describe her in one word I’d be remiss. She is an incredible individual, selflessly giving wherever she can. I would try and take a stab at summarizing what the organization does but I’ll restate what the Facebook page offers:

The mission of Impact is to contribute through collaboration between individual Impact Members, community leaders and business owners to make people aware of their community and how they can be the movement and bring forth change locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Yes indeed…they do a bit of everything so when Kam reached out to me and invited me out to an Earth Day event that her and the organization was scheduled to participate in 2016, I humbly obliged. To show my appreciation, I showed up with tons of books to give away and overall had a great time seeing families dig in and tote home several copies. I left that event as I do when I leave other community functions; wondering what else could be done.

Fast forward to October 2017 where Imagiread and IMPACT: I AM THE MOVEMENT have officially coined a partnership to invest in community literacy together. Since IMPACT serves children in several capacities, Imagiread is responding to the call with gifting these little ones books and specialized programming throughout the year. Our first donation has already taken place and we’ve already identified one programming date for 2018. Imagiread is proud to be able to support IMPACT: I AM THE MOVEMENT and recognizes them for their continual impact, for their investment is surely a movement. For more information about IMPACT: I AM THE MOVEMENT follow them on Facebook.

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