Gladys Is In Bloom

One of the things that makes Imagiread so fun is getting pre-released material to read and review. I can’t explain the feeling when I get a beautifully nestled book in the mail that I didn’t expect. It’s definitely something to behold so imagine the feeling when it comes via email and is unexpected. Ahhhhhhhh, it’s like smelling flowers for the first time.




We were fortunate enough to get a few of these kinds of surprises via email over the last month and boy were they incredible. The first was news from our friend, Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri about her new book is releasing soon. She wrote (paraphrased) “I’m working on something and want to see what you think..” to which I responded “OMG, IT’S AWESOME!!”. I meant it in every sense and can’t wait for it to be released. It’s a much-needed analysis of productive energy classroom that is sure to inspire every kind of learner. Her students are going to thoroughly enjoy this one, I can guarantee it because I did!

Congratulations Gladys. We’re “rooting” for you as always. Keep us posted.


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