Why do kids struggle with reading?

As part of an in-depth look at why children are constantly missing the bar where it regards literacy and reading development, Imagiread queried a number of families all over Houston and derived critical points about cognition, learning ability, study habits and life skills. This post is a narrative of our findings. 

I struggled with reading as a kid and now my two girls struggle. I want to feel like I’m helping them but I don’t know what to do.

Marrissa V.

Literacy and numeracy struggles in formal education have been consistent over the years. With the ongoing changes in education reform, many families are stooped when it comes to what exactly can be done to assist their student(s) with retaining and adapting to newly released methodologies. According to Houston area families, many of these challenges lie within the framework of literacy programming. Here are a few of the questions we asked and the responses:

As a whole, we queried 214 families. We asked them a series of questions as well as the questions above. More than half of those families answered in unison and the remaining had a representative answer. All in all, the numbers tell a story of their own. The perception of available resources, what quality instruction is and if families feel as if they are literate enough to demand additional services lead the entire conversation. If children are struggling with reading it isn’t because they can’t be taught to read more so than it is because of their feelings about literacy and reading development. In the coming months, Imagiread will be speaking to this challenge directly with a resolve for ongoing reading struggles. Sign up to be notified of new posts by subscribing to our newsletter.

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