Language+Arts=Imagiread Wonderfulli Made

Imagiread recently teamed up with Wonderfulli Made to offer joint programming that’s both creative and educational. Together, the two companies are the perfect match to teach specialty classes for children and adults on a broad range of subjects from creative writing, reading development, family literacy, and you guessed it expressive art! 

Reading should always be fun. If it isn’t, something’s wrong.

Tiffany Rachann

Language in itself is an art and should be expressed as such! Imagiread’s newly redefined classes focus intently on the science of language arts in a way that’s comprehensive, educational and festive for children, adults and families alike. That’s our motto, and we’re sticking to it. Enrollment for the classes have begun, and we’re celebrating by giving away 4 group sessions during the month of August. It’s easy to enter to win, simply complete this form then watch and wait. We’ll be announcing the winners of the class giveaway every week in August via Facebook. Invite your friends, these are eduparties you totally want to host!

Need help deciding which class your group would love the most? Contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

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