Mosaic Family Magazine isn’t a newbie magazine. The culturally renown publication is known as Houston’s only digest that focuses on multicultural families. Last year Mosaic took a turn for the better and re-released as Mosaic SO YOU LIVE. Imagiread is a media partner of Mosaic and we’re so excited about the new direction. 

I wanted to talk about the issues families face with solutions to problems in the areas of anxiety, depression, lifestyle changes and health with images of people that looked like our community.

Tracy Hawthorne Wash

What better opportunity to dive into the health and wellness of every family than to look closely at how habits are associated in the media. The thing I’ve always loved about the Mosaic Family family is how persevering they are in spreading their message that difference isn’t as different as we think. We all need a sense of community and community is exactly what the publication represents. Learn about the publication, places to find it and how you can win prizes and more at Mosaic SO YOU LIVE. 

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