Almost three months have passed since we’ve been interactive via our social media channels and we felt it. Boy did we miss everyone and everything but alas we’re back and better than ever. The hiatus we absolutely had to partake in was entirely productive. We were moving things around a bit so that we could reintroduce our digital presence with our newly aligned mission. That basically means we were cleaning up our act because this next chapter is promised to be all new, all improved and all things family literacy fun anywhere in the world.

Albeit the changes, we’ve managed to continue in a somewhat state of normalcy. We interviewed Ronel D. Pierre, author of Ronel and The Best Gift Ever and got over 1,000 views. We also got incredible feedback on our July article in Mosaic SO YOU LIVE magazine; Using Family Literacy to Model Courageous Values. As if that wasn’t enough, we also were fortunate to invest in the largest summer reading camp in Houston, Camp Adventure. We’ve been busy we just haven’t had time to talk about how busy we’ve been. Our new website is almost ready, there are just a few more tweaks and turns to finish up and then we will launch the way we’ve designed. Stay tuned because there will be prizes and book packs for everyone. It’s good to be back. Thank you for hanging in there with us. Don’t forget to check us out on the Gram! 

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