Imagireading Today! interviewed Ronel D. Pierre, author of Ronel and The Best Gift Ever and it was a huge hit! During the interview, we asked Ronel about his passion for children’s literature, his accomplishments with the NPHUSA and his dream for Haiti. The finished video was just short of fifteen minutes and took place smack dab in the middle of Ronel’s premier exhibit “Visions for a new Haiti”. 

It was a risk that I took and it wasn’t something I took lightly.


Ronel D. Pierre

Ronel D. Pierre is a household name. At least to those of us who know him. He’s a reserved Haitian that grew to establish his work as a way to give back to the organization that assisted him in finding a family as a child. That organization, known as, is an organization that helps 3,400 orphaned, disadvantaged, and abandoned children in nine different countries, providing over 95,000 community outreach program services. So far Ronel has raised over nine million dollars for the organization and continues to fundraise using his book, Ronel and The Best Gift Ever: The story of a boy’s love for Animals, Nature, Art, and his Friends, and his visual art. 

Imagiread first discovered Ronel’s philanthropic endeavors via Facebook and reached out to him for a review copy of the book. Ronel personally sent an electronic copy and instantaneously a bond was forged. Imagiread got an exclusive interview with Ronel at his premiere opening for his latest art exhibit and book signing where we got answers about him, his life work and his newborn son. Check out the interview here

A warm and fuzzy thank you to Ronel and his beautiful family for being so gracious to our crew during the filming. We are rooting for him and can’t wait to see what’s next. 

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